After many years of research and development, Fitly Inc. announced the November 2020 launch of SmartPlate: a food tracking device and app that achieves 99% nutrition accuracy by relying on highly precise scales, artificial intelligence, and the latest food recognition technology.
We’ve ALL been there: another app, another diet, another trend that promises to help you lose weight and keep it off for good this time!
But then what happens a week, a month, or a few months later? We find ourselves right back where we started, looking for another strategy to achieve our health and fitness goals. We think, “there’s gotta be a better way.

Our mission is to bring nutrition awareness to every kitchen.

SmartPlate was created to help users take charge of their nutrition for good. No more guesstimating calories. No more tedious and boring food journaling.

SmartPlate’s easy-to-use system tracks your diet for you 4 times faster and 65 times more accurately than all calorie and carb counting apps.

Users simply load their plate and take a photo of their meal to receive nutritional information within just five seconds. And let’s be honest, we’re all taking pictures of our food these days anyway!

SmartPlate was created with elite athletes in mind, but whether you’re an athlete, a CEO, or a parent that needs to keep up with their kids, eating for peak performance can apply to just about everyone.

Legendary coach Tony Robbins:

“Food is energy.
What gets measured gets managed.”

Legendary coach, author, philanthropist, and speaker Tony Robbins has partnered with SmartPlate and praises its accuracy and extensive database. SmartPlate recognizes over 1,500 foods, more than 1 million packaged food barcodes, and even 90% of US restaurant chains. It also provides personalizable recipes and meal plans. All nutritional information can be added to a food journal or synced with any wearable device.

SmartPlate is a leader among brands in the American health sector looking to create products that impact body composition and prevent or manage chronic diseases. With more than 100 million Americans already turning to calorie counting applications, SmartPlate aims to help everyone live a healthier life through simpler, more accurate, and science-backed measures.