The Baggage Burn - A Workout for Anyone Traveling

If you’re one of the millions of people that travel for the holidays, chances are you’ll be living out of a suitcase and in a small room for a few days. Staying in hotels or guest bedrooms gives you limited space for movement, let alone exercise, meaning getting your workout in can be quite the challenge.

Let’s be honest, most people won’t stick to their 2017 health resolutions. So this holiday, forget the resolution reset button and begin building healthy habits right now. Sneaking in a few extra sweats will keep your metabolism grooving and alleviate some of the inevitable guilt of a sugar cookie binge.

If you’re on the move this season, these exercises are great for burning some major calories with minor space.

Note: This workout is meant to be high intensity, meaning your goal is to work extra hard for a much shorter period.

baggage burn baggage burn
The Warm Up

Let’s get that blood moving and those muscles warmed up! This super set will wake up your hibernating hamstrings and get you in the zone! Remember: Do each exercise consecutively, with a 1-2 minute break after the 4th exercise

  • 3x10 — Push-ups
  • 3x10 — High knees
  • 3x10 — Jumping jacks
  • 3x30sec — Invisible jump rope

No treadmill? No problem. These plyometric moves will get your sweat running, even if you can’t.

  • 5x20 — Jumping jacks
  • 5x10 — Power push-up (Starting from a laying push-up position, push-up as hard as you can! Add a clap if you think you can)
  • 5x10 Mountain climbers — (From an upward push up position, drive your knees forward like you’re running in place)
  • 5xFail — Plank (Maintain a plank position for as long as possible, or until you “fail”)
The Suitcase

Your average carry-on usually weighs between 20-40 pounds, making your suitcase the perfect weight when no equipment is accessible. Before you begin, make sure it’s a good weight to fit your needs. It should be challenging, but our goal is for high repetitions, so keep it at a weight that won’t tire you out. Need it lighter? Toss a few shirts on the bed. Heavier? Bed sheets can add a few extra pounds if needed!

Make sure you do them at a high intensity; not only will you burn more calories, but you’ll finish sooner too.

Forget the resolutions and start forming everyday healthy habits today. Don’t let your holiday plans ruin your goals. A few extra minutes of exercise can do wonders for weight loss.

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