Dining with The Chief — How Presidents Stay Healthy

Election Day is upon us! Remember to vote! In light of the candidacy, we’d like to take a step back and talk about what our leaders have put on their plates to maintain their health.

If we’re being honest, most of our Presidents did not eat as healthy as they should have — let’s not forget the incident of Taft getting stuck in his tub. There are a few inspiring exceptions, and we’ve pinpointed some to help you with your own goals,

Barack Obama

Our 55-year-old sitting president is healthier than some men half his age, and how he does it is no secret: a healthy diet with daily cardio and resistance training.

He is proof that you don’t need crash diets, rigorous workouts, or drugs to achieve your goals — just smart, consistent eating and exercise habits. Also, as the busiest man in the country, he shows that there are no excuses for skipping workouts or practicing unhealthy habits. [1]

Obama’s diet is fairly wide, ranging from chicken wings and ribs to fish and steamed broccoli. He’s especially fond of his family’s low-sodium chili recipe. For him, it’s about considering small details and making healthier choices such as preferring Dijon mustard to mayonnaise or water to soda. Trail mix, fresh fruits, or roasted peanut protein bars are his go-to snacks between mealtimes to curb his hunger. [2]

Bill Clinton

Once upon a time, Bill Clinton used to go for jogs in his short shorts and drag his Secret Service entourage along just to get some McDonald’s Big Macs. [3] However, ever since undergoing a quadruple-by-pass surgery for his heart issues, drastic changes in his lifestyle were necessary.

Clinton now sticks to a plant-based diet and starts every morning with an almondmilk smoothie, blended with fresh berries, nondairy protein powder, and ice. [4] He loves greens, beans, quinoa, and the occasional veggie burger for his main courses. To maintain muscle mass, he eats a vegetable omelet once a week.

The result? He feels more energetic everyday, dropped 30 pounds, and his arteries never get clogged!

Richard Nixon

Dining with Nixon would have been a strange experience. Not because of his scandals or lackluster personality, but rather his obsession of cottage cheese and ketchup for breakfast. Although most of us would agree that that is gross, we assure you that cottage cheese itself is versatile in its uses and healthy!

If you are currently on a weight loss plan, we recommend adding a low-fat cottage cheese to your cart. It’s high in protein, amino acids, vitamins, and healthy fats. [5] It is also relatively low in calories compared to other cheeses, making it a great substitute for your recipes.

William H. Taft

Okay, you’re probably confused as to why he’s on this list. After all, he was our heaviest President, weighing over 314 pounds. At one point though, he did undergo some diet changes and ended up losing 60 pounds! [6]

His diet changes were quite simple. He substituted his greasy, high saturated fats for lean meats, fish, cooked vegetables, and unsweetened fruits. The only problem was that his weight loss journey was short-lived. Taft got bored of the chores and strict schedules involved in his diet and quickly lost his willpower. [6]

If you are also struggling to stay on track and enjoy your mealtimes, we’re here to help. Visit getsmartplate.com and sign up to our newsletter so we can give you the information you’ll need to better serve your future!

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