How to Reach your #TransformationTuesday Goals

We’re all dreaming and wishing upon a star for that day. The day we can upload our very own #TransformationTuesday picture on Instagram.

Here are some ways to help you reach those #TransformationTuesday goals:

Prioritize health

It goes without saying that all of the success stories we see on Tuesdays take incredible willpower, consistent workout plans, and smart eating habits. They are inspiring, but if you’re just starting out, seeing so many dramatic before-after pictures can give the impression that weight loss is the main priority. It shouldn’t be.

The best way to reach your #TransformationTuesday is by having the right mindset. Do it because you want a healthier lifestyle and to feel good and more energetic throughout the day. [1] Prioritizing weight loss often will only shorten your patience during your journey and your expectations of results can become highly unrealistic.

Keep the whole world updated, always

Don’t try to keep your progress low-key and wait to post that final #TransformationTuesday photo so you can impress all your friends. A great way to push yourself is by often posting your progress on social media. Keep tweeting everything you eat, make videos of your workouts, take selfie updates and photos of your meals, etc.

Those who posted their progress regularly lost 8 percent more body weight after six months. [2] Knowing that your friends and supportive community members are there to encourage you with comments is going to keep you motivated and give you a big self-esteem boost! Also, you’ll feel more accountable with sticking to your goals since you know an audience will be watching your journey. Roughly 70 percent of those people who report their progress on social media each week completed their goals successfully. [2]

Take advantage of technology

There are so many little things that can derail your self-improvement plans. Working out and eating smart is hard enough already, especially when you’re new to all of it. Like with everything else in life, technology can make things so much easier, including staying motivated. Wearable devices such as a Garmin watch will give you immediate results of your workouts, allowing you to see improvements week after week. [3]

While you’re on your phone updating your social feeds, you might as well plan out your meals through it as well! Meal tracking is one of the first crucial steps toward healthier eating habits, but is kind of a turn-off since it can be so time consuming. There’s plenty of apps available for recording your nutritional intake and helping you with portion control. Use them!

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